geothermal energy


The word “geothermal” came from Greek and it consists of two words with the meaning of “geo” – earth and “therme” – heat. So, is can be roughly interpreted as the heat of the earth. Our earth is able to provide the energy from the inside and in this respect it is similar to the sun. This geothermal heat is great in many respects as it is absolutely safe and as opposed to other energy sources does not pollute the environment at all.

Earth is old and its geothermal heat goes from gas and dust consolidation. At the core the temperature of the earth can reach up to 9,000 degrees F.

In the Past

Using geothermal energy is not a novelty. From earlier times people used the power of geothermal water at the places where hot springs emerged to the surface. First of all it was just for recreation uses but later on geothermal waters found broader uses. In ancient Rome the waters of hot springs was used in cooking and medicine and so did the natives of New Zealand for centuries. The geothermal energy has also been used in some French regions for house heating.


At the present moment geothermal energy is broadly used in industry. There are special reservoirs that make it easier to get the water up and there are more ways to explore and the potential areas that can contain hot waters. Geothermal production wells are created. It makes the process of getting waters any time and not only when the spring itself chooses to come alive. Nowadays such geothermal wells are used to generate electricity and in many other purposes.

Clean energy

One of the benefits of such alternative energy source is that it does not pollute the environment. It is renewable and clean and there seems to be no end to it.

The only things that appear in the result of geothermal power usage are steam and some few trace gases. Such energy source doe not emit anything harmful into the air, if compared with traditional sources. Besides, geothermal plants do not take that much land as fossil fuel power plants do. They are also easier to install and affect the nature minimally.

Geothermal plants are able to produce energy about 90% of time they work if compared to the 65-75% rate of traditional fossil-fuelled power plants.

At the present moment geothermal power isn’t used universally. But its popularity rises and now many households are heated with the help of geothermal heat pumps; geothermal powers are also used in agriculture and other industries and it has already proved to be more cost-effective and beneficial in terms of electricity savings.